Disney Autograph Books

So… we just got back from an AMAZING Disney World vacation. I decided to whip up some autograph books for the crew before we left.


What you’ll need:


1 Sheet Scrapbooking Paper

2 Sheets Construction Paper Color 1

4 Sheets Construction Paper Color 2

Small Photo Album (I got ours from Dollar Tree. They’re pretty sturdy, and a great price!)



  1. Cut “your name”‘s Disney Book out of construction paper color 1 with the Cricut and glue to scrapbooking paper, fitted to the size of your photo book cover.
  2. Cut 16 rectangular papers out of construction paper color 2. I folded mine 4 times a sheet of paper.
  3. Put one sheet of construction paper onto each double page (view picture 3 below).
  4.  Cut a Mickey Mouse head out of construction paper color 1. I googled “Mickey Mouse Head”, printed it off and used that as a template.
  5. Glue the Mickey Mouse head to a piece of scrapbooking paper that fits your back cover.
  6. Once home from Disney World/Land, print a picture of the character you had the signature for, and slip the photo in next to your autograph.
  7. Enjoy flipping through your Disney Character memories! 🙂


Here are some pictures:

Front Cover


Back Cover


Inside Page




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DIY Disney Autograph Books


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